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Wizard of Oz game from 1921 by Parkers Brother Co.


1939 Masks

Oz character masks

1920s map

Land map

Sample of available books

1902 The pictures from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz pictures

1897 - First edition of Mother Goose in Prose

Mother Goose in Prose

1905 - First edition of Woggle - Bug book

Woggle Bug book

1902- First edition - The Life and Adventure of Santa Claus

the life and adventure of Santa claus

1912- First edition - The Sky Island

the sky island

1900- First edition - The Navy Alphabet

the navy alphabet

1967- Oz Hand Puppet

Wizard of oz hand puppet


1st edition books

Wizard of Oz books

1st edition frank baum books

Do you remember Wizard of Oz books ?

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Guess what? Not only can you enjoy the Wizard of Oz books, but in addition to that, you can consider them an investment just like you can with other collectibles.

Many people are only aware of the original Wizard of Oz story that was written by L. Frank Baum in 1900; but in reality, Baum wrote 14 Oz stories, as well as stories either directly or indirectly related to the Oz series. Even after his death, his publishers kept the series going and 26 more official Oz books by Ruth Thompson and other completed the series!

Did you know that the original story was written at the tail end of the 19th century? The Wizard of Oz books were a phenomenon, and were unrivaled in fame. The popularity of television shows and book series like Harry Potter have only a portion of the popularity the Oz books enjoyed, specifically because they were the main form of entertainment for children and adults alike. The original story was made famous a second time by the MGM movie in 1939, whose fame overshadowed that of the books, and which stays in the minds and hearts of America. The Wizard of Oz books are so popular around the world that there is even an organization devoted to all things Oz. The International Wizard of Oz Club has been in existence for over 50 years, and holds annual conventions and issues quarterly publications. What do these people all have in common? A passion for the Wizard of Oz books.

The wizard of oz books   When I discovered that there were other first Oz books in addition to the original Wizard of Oz, I became very excited. I remembered how much I enjoyed the story as a child. 

   When I started my quest for other Oz books, I realized that later editions never had color illustrations, because those were eliminated to reduce cost of printing. Then, I remembered reading an article pointing out that early edition books appreciate in value, while later editions usually depreciate. Therefore, if I wanted books with color illustrations, I had to find copies that were printed before 1935 since that was the year color plates were discontinued in the Oz books.

wizard of oz books oz books baum oz books wizard of oz book


Through my research, I realized that Wizard of Oz books, in general, are the most valuable childrens book series. Thus, I decided to get involved with them both as a collector and as a hobby.


Identification of the Oz books is so complicated that the International Wizard of Oz Club even issued a special reference book to help collectors and dealers figure out what editions they have. In general, I am detail-oriented and have a lot of fun with Oz books since almost every title has ten different points which determine edition, such as misspelling of certain words on specific pages, different illustrations, captions, plates, page signatures, and more factors too numerous to mention here.



Here's why Wizard of Oz books are so valuable

After 1956 when the copyright for The Wizard of Oz expired, the story was translated and published almost in every language. Many countries created many Oz cartoons and movies in their own language.

Even as recently as February of 2011 there were multiple announcement about New Wizard of Oz movies and shows.

Wizard of oz show Wizard of oz movie
Mila Kunis and James Franco in the new Oz related movie: The Great and Powerful.

Check for yourself a growing list of latest Wizard of oz movie announcements.

In December of 2007, the SciFi channel created a 6- hour Oz mini-series. According to SciFi news, it was the most watched show out of all the series ever shown on that channel

That information is a reaffirmation of my observations that the Oz trend is still alive and growing. Since I am working exclusively with Oz books and not film memorabilia, I know there is a huge demand for collectible Oz books

Wonderful wizard of oz books  I recently found an article that lists the 100 most valuable children books from 1863 to 1963 and guess which books photo was at the head of the article?


Many people shy away from book collecting because they don't quite understand how to determine a books value. On this website, I'm going to give you all the information and tools you will need to successfully collect, sell, and buy these Wizard of Oz books.

You can watch 6 minutes video that I put together to introduce novice to all 40 first edition Wizard of Oz books.

If you travel through this website, sign up for free newsletter with which I am planning to inform you about latest trends in the Oz books world. If you do not find the answer to your questions at my website, email your inquiries using the Contact Form.

Check back often (add this site to your Bookmarks or Favorites) to browse around as the site  books inventory will be updated often.

If you are the Wizard of Oz fan, please help to share this page with others.

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Details of each Oz titles

Wizard of Oz

Land of Oz

Ozma of Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Road to Oz

Emerald City of Oz

Patchwork Girl of Oz

Tik-Tok of Oz

Scarecrow of Oz

Rinkitink of Oz

Lost Princess of Oz

Tin Woodman of Oz

Magic of Oz

Glinda of Oz

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Oz character masks

by Gregory Maguire. Signed limited edition with certificate of authenticity


Wizard of Oz pop up by Robert Sabuda. Signed limited edition 7 of 50

Pup up book

Exact replica of ruby slippers. Hand made

Exact replica of ruby slippers

One of the rarest Oz game from 1905

Wogglebug game

Oz gloves

Wizard of oz gloves


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